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If you’re looking to get married in a beautiful outdoor wedding, then the Maroni Meadows wedding venue is for you. There’s just so much space and so many photo opportunities. And in this summer wedding with Ashley & Read, we were really able to capture the beginning of their love story.

Want to get married in a beautiful outdoor garden wedding? Definitely look into Maroni Meadows Wedding Venue

Maroni Meadows Wedding Venue

Deni and Jackson Maroni are the owners of Maroni Meadows. This beautiful wedding venue is five private and serene acres surrounded by trees. From the barn style bridal suite that is perfect for you and your wedding party to get ready before your ceremony, to the cozy areas throughout the venue, to their “carriage house” as a photo op or just a place to relax for a moment. Maroni Meadows Wedding Venue offers so much.

This wedding venue has so much to offer

Maroni Meadows wedding venue has two ceremony arbors so you can choose your ceremony location. The island on the pond is my favorite. Guests are seated around the pond watching you say your vows as the summer sun reflects off the water.

Maroni Meadows can accommodate up to 200 guests and offers a 40×40 reception tent with drapes and a chandelier. Parking attendants are also provided to make sure everything in that area runs smoothly. Wedding parties are responsible for their own cleanup but rehearsal and planning time is included in your wedding booking.

Check out the highlights from Ashley & Read’s Maroni Meadows outdoor wedding

Ashley & Read’s wedding wasn’t just a wedding. It was more like a family reunion where then two families also joined together. Many from Ashley’s side hadn’t seen each other in 20 years. So watching the guests interact before the ceremony and during the reception was really something to see.

Outdoor Garden Wedding Snohomish, Washington

Ashley walked from the bridal suite accompanied by two important men in her life. Where she met Read at the at the island on the pond. She stopped first to give her mother a hug.

Mother daughter wedding hug Snohomish, Washington

Next following the ceremony the reception is underway and toasts are given. Ashley’s sisters had written a special song for her as their toast which apparently they do at each of their sister’s weddings. The song was set to Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit. And you might be able to find a video or two on my Instagram if you’d like!

Ashley & Read continued to celebrate with their families well into the night on the dance floor at Maroni Meadows.

It was a wonderful wedding to be a part of in an amazing location. And I look to photograph more weddings at Maroni Meadows wedding venue in the future!

Check out some of my favorite images from Ashley & Read’s wedding showing you a little bit of Maroni Meadows wedding venue.

For more information on Maroni Meadows you can find their website here. And their instagram here.

Wedding photography details Maroni Meadows, Amber Carl Photography
Wedding rings before wedding ceremony, capturing the details
Outdoor garden wedding, Maroni Meadows, Snohomish, Washington
Maroni Meadows Wedding Venue
Maroni Meadows Wedding Venue
Maroni Meadows Wedding Venue
Maroni Meadows Wedding Venue bride and groom wedding photography
Maroni Meadows Wedding Venue

If you’re anything like me then you love outdoor weddings or barn weddings. Anything rustic and/or garden themed. The trees are gorgeous and I just love being outside for anything really. If you’re planning a wedding and are looking into a photographer that would will capture your style and tell your story on your wedding day, then please feel free to look through my portfolio and shoot me a note. It would be so wonderful to talk to you and hear all about your love story and your wedding plans. You can view my wedding and engagement work right here.



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