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Olympia and Tacoma Wedding Photographer

I wasn’t always an Olympia and Tacoma Wedding Photographer. But do you see the photo above? That basically sums it up in a nutshell. This couple that I photographed here, I had known them for quite some time. To be honest, I met Dan first. We worked together at a certain cable tv place in the billing department and we helped each other through. He often talked of his girlfriend Taylor and how their love story had began.

I got to know both of them and got to know their relationship. I quickly learned that I wanted to photograph these two. So we did. We did multiple shoots together, engagement shoots, a boudoir shoot, and then I photographed their wedding.

That’s the point behind why I do what I do. I absolutely adore getting to know people and I don’t just mean hello my name is Amber how are you? I love to get to know them on a deep level, hearing their story, learning about how they became who they are individually as well as a couple. And then photographing them and telling that exact story in the images we take together.

It’s more than just a photo shoot

Grays Harbor Wedding Photographer

It’s telling the story of your life right now. My family and I recently moved back to Washington from Nevada. I grew up here and let me tell you, it is SO good to be home. We are currently in Ocean Shores, Washington and I’m in love. I used to vacation here as a kid during the summer so I’m fairly familiar with the area. I now am a Olympia and Tacoma Wedding Photographer, Grays Harbor Wedding Photographer, Seabeck, as well as Snohomish Couny, Portland, and the Olympic Peninsula. But there is no destination too far for me to tell your love story.

I love meeting people whether it be for a portrait session, boudoir, or wedding and learning about who they are. It’s more than just a photo shoot for me. It’s life. And since I get the opportunity to capture your life in a moment right now, that is such a special gift to me.

Grays Harbor Family Photographer

Photos tell a story, YOUR story of life right now

You see, to me it is SO much more than just a photo shoot. Life is SO fleeting. One moment we are here and the next we are not. The photo above and the people in it are so special to me. It’s a story of Laura, her three daughters, and Laura’s mother who was diagnosed with colon cancer. She beat it once but then it came back with a vengeance. We did this generational photo shoot shortly after she was diagnosed the first time. And we are all so grateful that we did. God truly lined us up in this moment and I felt so blessed to be able to tell their story. Because not too long after this shoot, Laura’s mother was diagnosed with cancer again and this time she didn’t win. I’m so happy that Laura and her girls have this moment in time to remember and to look at forever.

Photos tell a story

What is the first thing you think about grabbing if your house were to catch on fire? Other than your family and pets, what would you think about first? The photos. Or at least I would. We don’t want to lose these memories because we know that we have them in our mind but our mind can only remember so much. If we are shown a photograph then the memories come flowing back and they are easier to see in our minds and to feel in our hearts. This is why I love telling your story through images. Because I know that I’m giving you something so special that you’ll be able to hold onto forever and allow to shine brighter in her heart and in your mind.

Maybe some day I’ll be lucky enough to photograph you. Whether it be a family portrait session, an engagement session, a boudoir shoot, maternity, or wedding. I would love to be there for you in that special moment. And that is why I do what I do and have loved it for as long as I can remember.

Olympia and Tacoma Engagement Photographer

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