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If you are engaged and have a PNW wedding to plan, I’m here to tell you that you should continue to do so. As the winter months start to melt away and we get into that gorgeous warmer season, mother nature is setting the scene for you.

It’s the Pacific Northwest, what if it rains?

When planning an outdoor PNW wedding there are many factors to take into consideration. If you are from this area or have lived here for a certain amount of time, you will know how unpredictable the weather can be. Especially in the spring. A good backup plan is always a great thing to have in place. Does your wedding venue offer an indoor option just in case it rains? Do they provide tents that can be set up ahead of time if needed?

PNW Wedding

Make sure that when planning a PNW wedding you consider the time of day you’re going to get married. You don’t want to walk down the aisle freezing so keep in mind that morning and evening can get pretty cold here this time of year. I’ve also noticed that if it does rain during the day, for the most part it’s not going to rain ALL day during this time of year. Especially out here in Ocean Shores and the Grays Harbor area it seems to rain early for a while and then the clouds burn off and the gorgeous sun emerges. Consider a later afternoon ceremony to allow that to happen. Of course fingers crossed.

But to tell you the truth, I’ve seen so many gorgeous images of wedding couples caught in the rain. So if it does rain during your PNW wedding, make sure you’ve chosen a photographer who knows how to capture those moments and has options in place to protect their gear so that they can continue to photograph your wedding even if there happens to be a downpour.

PNW Wedding Venues

PNW Wedding Photography

There are so many gorgeous wedding venues here in the Pacific Northwest. I have had the opportunity to photograph weddings at many of them as well as talk with venues where I would love to photograph weddings at. Maroni Meadows, Rock Creek Gardens, and TreeHouse Point are all wonderful venues for your PNW wedding. If you are still looking for your dream wedding venue I urge you to check out one of these.

Many if not all of these venues have backup options for you in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. As well as plenty of space for your desired guest list.

If you are planning a PNW Wedding and are looking for a wedding photographer, contact Amber today for a quote!


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