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Astoria Wedding Venue

Ahhhhhh any Astoria wedding venue is just gorgeous. One of my favorite towns in Oregon has to be Astoria. We recently moved back to Washington and took a drive and found ourselves in Astoria. When I grew up, I lived in a small town in the Pacific Northwest called Arlington. We lived in an old home that had large porches and almost an antique feel to it. We loved living in this house and many of the homes we saw on our drive through Astoria made me think of that house.

Astoria itself is nestled along the Columbia River and is best described as rustic and enchanting. It is definitely a place that is full of character. Which brings me to these Astoria wedding venues.

Astoria Wedding Venue, The Ruins at the Astor

You will want to definitely check out this beautiful location. The Ruins at the Astor was once a hotel. The Hotel Astoria was designed in 1921 as its website will tell you, to be the tallest building on the Oregon Coast. But it still needed to have a certain type of architecture. Sadly in 1922 a fire hit the entire downtown Astoria. The new building was constructed eight stories in height and to be “fireproof.” The hotel reopened February 1924 with 150 guest rooms and 10 apartments along the top.

You can learn more about the history and what has gone on with the building throughout there years here.

The Ruins are located right in the middle and the heart of downtown Astoria. Which is such a fun place to be. Very close to local shops and breweries, your wedding guests and wedding party can hang out nearby as you prepare for your ceremony.

The Ruins do not have an onsite kitchen however it is very close to restaurants that will cater your reception. This Astoria wedding venue will offer you an extensive list of preferred vendors for your wedding, but do not require you to use any of them.

Weekend wedding rates begin at $3,000 and weekday rates begin at $1,200 for the remainder of 2020. Rates will be increasing for 2021.

Astoria Wedding Venue, The Loft at the Red Building

Another beautiful Astoria wedding venue is The Loft at the Red Building. Can you start to see why I love Astoria? The names of these wedding venues are wonderful. They make you start to think about what this place may look like, how it became what it is, and what your wedding would look like there. It does for me anyway. Looking at the names of these venues aren’t you intrigued? I could only imagine having my wedding at either of these.

The Loft at the Red Building which was once originally a cannery in the 1890’s, is a beautiful place to have your wedding in Astoria. The loft is situated right on the Columbia River with gorgeous bridge views. Just think about those bride and groom photos. I get excited just thinking about it!

You do need to contact the venue for pricing and availability for The Loft. Unlike the Ruins, the Loft has a list of preferred caterers that you will need to choose from. They can offer catering companies that they prefer that will definitely meet your needs.

Tables and chairs are included with your wedding and their 6 foot round tables can accommodate 8-12 people each.

Astoria Wedding Venue, Alderbrook Station

Another quaint Astoria wedding venue that I wanted to mention is Alderbrook Station. If you’re looking for a rustic, red barn style wedding over the Columbia River then definitely look no further. The Alderbrook Station is actually situated on a private lagoon it is definitely a remembrance of the once huge salmon fishing industry in Astoria.

Weddings and other events have been going on here since 2002 and what is really nice is that there are indoor and outdoor options available for your ceremony and reception. However, music is permitted indoors only.

Want to hear something really cool? There is a boathouse on the property that has six queen size beds. Perfect for guests to stay after the wedding is over. Or for you and your new spouse to crash after a fun party. And speaking of parties, you can bring your own alcohol to this venue and choose your own caterer.

There is limited availability from October to April though due to weather.

Definitely check out this unique, rustic Astoria wedding venue! And if you would like to see more pictures definitely check out their Instagram.

Astoria has so much to offer!

If you haven’t found your wedding venue yet, I definitely encourage you to check out one of these Astoria wedding venues. What a unique and charming place to be married and then celebrate!

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