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small wedding at home
Las Vegas wedding

Amber & Ryan had plans to get married at a beautiful location in Las Vegas. But when Coronavirus hit the venue they wanted remained closed even now. So they had to do a slight shift and realized what they wanted most right now was a small wedding at home.

They wanted to be surrounded by their family and close friends because they had waited on their love story for long enough and it was time to bring the two families together with Ryan having a daughter and Amber having two daughters.

So that’s exactly what they did. They invited their close family and friends to their home and had a backyard ceremony. They began their ceremony with a candle lighting and continued by each lady pouring colored sand to represent combining their families. It was beautiful.

Reading of the vows

As a wedding photographer this is always the part that gets me. I love hearing each person’s promise to the other. Sometimes funny stories are incorporated on how they met and how they’ll continue to carry their memories on together. But Ryan & Amber not only said vows to each other, but to their daughters as well. They vowed how they would put them first in every decision and always be there for them whatever they may need. This is where I usually tear up and this was no exception. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place.

Wedding day portraits

After the ceremony we headed over to Floyd Lamb Park at the perfect time just before the sun was starting to set. This is such a beautiful place for any type of portraits. The tall trees that cover the walkway to the gazebo, random peacocks (yes literally!), and miles of space and unique buildings.

A small, intimate day could just be what you’re looking for. Amber & Ryan turned their living room into a reception area and their backyard into a ceremony. It was perfect and just might be a consideration at least for your ceremony now as we are waiting for some more of the wedding venues to open up.

Take a look at more of Amber & Ryan’s beautiful day in the images below.

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