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If you’re looking for a Snohomish Family Photographer, Maroni Meadows in Snohomish, Washington is not only a beautiful wedding venue. But it’s the go to place in the area for me to photograph families and other portraits. I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding here a few years ago and I am now happy to say that I am one of their preferred photographers.

As you may know I am based in Ocean Shores, Washington but I have family in the Snohomish area and grew up over there so I am over that way quite often. And when I go that way I like to schedule three to four portrait sessions. You can bet that the location of those portrait sessions will be at Maroni Meadows.

And this family that I was lucky enough to photograph for the first time was one of those families! I had a maternity session booked there with a repeat client and she referred her friend Jeremy. Jeremy contacted me, we talked about his family and what type of images they were looking to have done. What they planned to do with their images as the final result. They ultimately wanted digital images so they could print them at their leisure and send them to family, share them online, and just have them in their home whenever they were ready to hang them up. That’s perfect because that’s exactly what I do. I do offer prints and products but my booking package includes 10 edited digital images with full print rights. So you can take your 10 favorites from your session and basically do whatever you want with them, they’re yours! After your photo session I send you an online proof gallery of the edited images. It usually comes out to at least 40 to choose from but it’s typically always more. At that point if you’d like to add on additional digital images or upgrade your package and include all of them then you can absolutely do that!

During Jeremy and his family’s session we talked, laughed, joked, I saw their family interact. They all seemed so comfortable and having fun with each other. Often times families feel nervous before their session and are worried that they’ll have to know how to pose or where to put their hands or should I smile or not smile in this one? Thankfully I cover all of that for you. I preplan poses before every photo shoot based on the family and their style. I like to call my style “candidly posed” so you don’t look too posed and perfect. But more relaxed and comfortable interacting with each other. Even when you are posed I make sure your arms don’t look stiff, you let that big breath out, and everything feels natural. Like I had said before most families are nervous before their shoot. Even though I send over information to help them prepare there’s still a little bit of an unknown going on until they get there and we start shooting. That’s when you start to see the nerves go away and it’s like we are all friends just hanging out taking some pictures.

Maroni Meadows has so many beautiful photo opportunity locations. Being a Snohomish Family Photographer at this gorgeous location definitely has its perks. It was so green this time of year with flowers blooming everywhere. There’s a beautiful location over the pond where the wedding ceremony is usually held. But it also makes for a great spot to do some fun family photos.

So if you’re in the Snohomish area or nearby then let’s chat about doing family photos for you! You can contact me at

And if you’re engaged and looking for a wedding venue in the Pacific Northwest then check out my blog post about Maroni Meadows. It can answer a lot of questions for you that you may have regarding your wedding.

For now please enjoy the images that Jeremy and his family chose from their session!

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Snohomish Family Photographer
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Snohomish Family Photographer
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Snohomish Family Photographer
Snohomish Family Photographer


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