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As a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer, there’s a few things you should know about me. I am based in Ocean Shores, Washington but I travel to Las Vegas very often. My family and I lived there for a few years and I’ve made connections in the wedding industry that allow me to come back. As a matter of fact as I am typing this for you, I’m leaving for Las Vegas at the end of this week and will be back in October of this year. As well as for any weddings I schedule in Las Vegas in between that time and after.

But, I’m not only a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer. When I come to Las Vegas I get to photograph families as well as boudoir. So it’s always so much fun seeing people again and telling another story for them. And meeting new families and women who are ready for their stories to be told through beautiful images. Because for me, it’s all about the story I get to tell. Whether that be the beginning of you and your partner’s love story from your engagement session through your wedding. Your family at the very moment you are living right now. Or maybe you’re a woman wanting to remember the past year in a positive light with an empowering boudoir shoot just for you. No matter what story it is to tell, I’m there to tell it for you.

But us Las Vegas Wedding Photographers have a few secrets that you maybe haven’t heard before. And I’m here to let you in on these little secrets. So here’s five weird things that you probably didn’t know about your Las Vegas Wedding Photographer. And if any photographers are reading this, let me know if I’m wrong!

Five weird things you didn’t know about your Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

  1. When you book your wedding with us, we want to know everything about you. Not in a stalker sort of way but tell us about you, tell us about you and your partner, tell us how you were proposed to, tell us where you’re getting married, tell us your parent’s reaction when you told them you were engaged, tell us how you met,! Yes in order to tell your story through images we need to know the story of your lives together and how it all started. But because we’re in the line of work that we are, we all love a good story. We love hearing about all of the details so feel free to share away because you aren’t boring us in the slightest.
  2. Your engagement session is like the pre-party. We take this opportunity to get to know you and your relationship on a deeper level. It’s a little preview of what it’s going to be like working together on your wedding day. We laugh, we joke, we share stories (of course), we get comfortable with each other. As your wedding photographer we get REALLY excited about your engagement session because this is some one on one time we get with you before your wedding day.
  3. We brag about you like proud parents. It sounds weird but it’s true! We love to tell other people about how cool and fun you are and how we had a blast at your wedding. It also kind of shows how incredible our job is and how much we love it when we can brag about the awesome party we just got to photograph.
  4. Delivering you your final gallery of images is emotional for us. By this point we’ve gone through so much together that hitting that send button almost makes us cry because it feels like the end! We REALLY want you to see your images but we actually secretly hope to hear back from you again down the road!
  5. We sit there and count the seconds until we hear back from you after we deliver you your final images. Please pay attention to this part! Yes getting paid for what we do is essential to continue to run our business but you know why we really do this job? We’re in it for the “OMG! I can’t believe how incredible these are!” or “I literally cried when I saw my images from our wedding day!” and “You’re amazing at what you do! Thank you for being part of our special day!” Oh and when you share them all over the place and tag us? We ADORE that too! We start to go a little crazy if we send you your images and don’t hear anything from you. Panic mode strikes and even just a “wow thank you so much!” is enough to allow us to sleep at night.

So there you go! There’s five things that you probably didn’t know about your wedding photographer. And I know that Stefany and John who were married at Legend’s Ranch in Las Vegas witnessed one if not all of these things! Take a look at their beautiful wedding day in Las Vegas.

Legends Ranch Las Vegas
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

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