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There is so much that photo memories can continue to do for us even after a loved one has passed on. And, I believe that everything lines up how it does for a reason.

I met Tatiana back in 2019 when my family and I lived in Las Vegas. At the time I was offering free family photo sessions with a credit towards a print or digital image purchase. I remember meeting at McDonald’s with Tatiana, her husband Daniel, and her little boy Lucas. It was the perfect spot to meet and chat with little Lucas. We talked about their family and who would be included in the shoot, what look they were going for. We decided to head up to Mt. Charleston for their family photos. Tatiana had wanted to include her parents, her grandmother, and her little brother along with her husband and son. So we did just that!

Mt. Charleston is just outside of Las Vegas and it’s pretty amazing. Once you get out there the temperature drops at least 20 degrees so it’s a wonderful place to go during the super hot summer months in Nevada. And it snows up there during the winter so it’s always really busy with people wanting to be in the snow who don’t normally get to see it! After living in Alaska and Montana for some time, snow doesn’t phase me too much. It’s beautiful for family photos though and allows for something different.

We went up to Mt. Charleston during the fall in 2019 and the colors were incredible. At this point in time I was trying to make a name for my photography business in Las Vegas. So I was offering black and white photos to set myself apart. Although with these images where we did them with the colors being so incredible, I couldn’t only offer black and white images. I’ve been a portrait and wedding photographer since 2009 but my family and I have moved around so many places it was always difficult to get my footing somewhere. So I’d always try new things to get my name out there and set myself apart from always oversaturated photography markets. Now that we are here in Ocean Shores I’ve finally found my place and I’m so so happy with what my business has become!

So we did Tatiana’s family shoot up at Mt. Charleston and a few days later I delivered her the online proof gallery of images for her to choose what images she wanted. It was a while ago so to be honest I don’t remember what images she went with but she chose a few to use for Christmas cards, etc.

Fast forward to the year 2021 towards the end of February. Tatiana sent me a Facebook message asking if I still had the photos from her family shoot in 2019. I did and we made a deal together for her to receive all of them because she told me she just really needed the photos. So she paid what we agreed and I delivered all of the edited digital images from her family session. We chatted for a bit about how I would be doing a maternity session coming up in Vegas for a friend of hers. She found out I’d be back in Las Vegas and then asked me if we could do a couple’s shoot with her and Daniel. This was on Tuesday, April 13th. I told her yes definitely and tried to start planning it….

This next part is why photos with your loved ones are SO important. On Wednesday, April 14th Daniel passed away. He was involved in a fatal car accident. No one knew this was going to happen obviously. No one knows why it happened. But I believe that I was connected with Tatiana to provide her with these images of her, Daniel, and their son Lucas so that she would continue to have these after Daniel had passed on. Daniel was a wonderful man. I only had the opportunity to interact with him a couple times. Once when we met at McDonald’s to discuss their shoot and then once during the shoot itself.

Life flies by in the blink of an eye. We never know when it will be the last time we see someone. Photo Memories are such an amazing thing to have of the people we love and they allow us to pass those memories down to future generations. Our minds will always hold memories of the people we love but when you pull out a photo of that person that memory is fueled even stronger. It triggers other parts of our story with that person and we are able to continue to tell that story through images.

I’m sending so much love to Tatiana and her family. Maybe you have someone in your life who has passed on and you are so thankful you have those photo memories of them. I’d love to hear about who that person is and what photo you have that ignites your memory of them on a deeper level. Feel free to comment here or you can email it to me at

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These are some of the highlights from Tatiana, Daniel, and Lucas’ photoshoot together

Photo Memories
Photo Memories
Photo Memories


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