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Figuring out what to wear for your family photos can be daunting! Especially if you have a large family and you’re trying to coordinate everyone. But don’t fear! Something that sets me apart for your family photos and figuring out what to wear is the help I give you in coordinating outfits. I don’t just book your shoot and let you fend for yourself. I want your photos to look just as good as you do! So when we book a family portrait session together there’s a few things I go through to make sure you’re all looking and feeling your best!

First of all, after you’ve booked your session with me I begin sending you emails to help you prepare for your shoot. Included in these emails are tips and ideas on what to wear. I’ll give you a little secret piece of info now and tell you to head on over to my Pinterest Board. Here I’ve collected ideas and inspiration for you to decide what would look best on your family!

But if you look through that and you’re still not sure, no worries. In our planning stages after we’ve booked your shoot and scheduled your date, I also send you over my family photo session style guide. This is going to help you decide not only what to wear but what colors to wear as well based on the location of your shoot. If you’re thinking about booking a family shoot with me and you want this style guide now, you can have it! Just sign up here to receive my free email newsletter and the Style Guide is all yours!

Family photos, what to wear tips

The first tip I tell people however when planning what to wear for your family session with me is to choose an outfit for the most difficult person to dress first! So if there’s someone in your family who doesn’t like anything you pick for them to wear or it’s just hard to find something that feels them, work on styling them first and then style everyone else from that.

The next tip is to not be “matchy-matchy”. You don’t want you everyone to look exactly the same but to accent each other. I remember when my sisters and I were really young. My mom would have photos professionally done every year. She would have us in the same colors where two of us were wearing solids and then the other two accentuated that color with stripes, etc. So she had her styling for our photos on point even back then! Don’t remind her of this but technically that was 30 years ago. Ha ha!

You definitely want your professional family photos to look somewhat professional! I mean, we’re not going to be in business suits or anything like that but this is your opportunity to leave the ripped jeans, tank tops, and baseball caps at home. You want to think about what you would wear if you were going out for nice date night. Or in many of my families case, a fancy dinner on the beach. I do a lot of family photos on the beach. This is your opportunity to dress up and have fun!

Lastly, keep it you. Even if YOU isn’t all dressed up, there must be a version of you that can be. Like I said, what would you wear if you went out on a nice date or dinner on the beach? Pull out that version of you for these family photos and rock it!

A beautiful beach session

I absolutely love what this family wore for their family session with me on the beach. When you do family photos on the beach bright colors like pinks, yellows, and blues stand out beautifully against the sand and the water. And you’ll see here how each family member’s outfit kind of accentuates the other ones. No one is matchy it just all brings out the best of what each member is wearing.

Take a look and maybe they can help inspire you on what to wear in your family photo session with me!

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You can also check out another beach shoot I did where the family’s outfits were on point here!


Family Photos What to Wear
Family Photos What to Wear


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