Unique Engagement Photos


Unique engagement photos are totally my thing. All I want to do is a take a couple that’s completely in love and go on an adventure with them. I want to know all the quirky things that make you YOU as a couple and then capture you doing those things together. I mean, photo shoots where we stand next to each other and smile at the camera are a thing of the past. Interacting with each other and enjoying life in the moment is what I’m all about.

Just a head’s up, I’m totally ripping off my my 2015 self with these engagement photos. This shoot comes to you from back when I lived in Missoula, Montana and I can remember it like it was yesterday. The whole goal for this shoot was to get these two in the water. They love Montana and we incorporated all of the elements that they love about the state. You know that I’m a portrait and wedding photographer based in Ocean Shores, Washington. But the fact that my family and I have lived all over the west coast (and a couple of the desert areas) gives me the opportunity to have created connections with people in these places. So I get to go back to Montana and Las Vegas fairly often.

You know how there’s comfort things that make you feel better and give you a hint of nostalgia and for a moment you just need them in your life again? That’s this shoot for me. I just needed to go back through it and edit it in the way that I edit photos today. So sorry! Unique engagement photos that aren’t new! Do you hate me? That’s ok. Once you see these pictures and hear this story from this shoot I think you might start to change your mind.

So back to getting these two in the water. We had this shoot planned for a while and as I said, it was the perfect location for them. They go bear hunting together, they get outside in Montana all the time and they love taking in all of God’s beauty that Missoula gives them. It’s completely gorgeous and one of my most favorite places that we’ve ever lived.

We went around and took some shots through the park knowing full well that eventually we would hit the water and get that awesome shot we all wanted. As we finished up the other photos and started heading down the trail towards the water (in the middle of fall, it was NOT warm outside) Taylor looks at me and says “Oh no, we forgot a towel.” And I had visions of them turning into those cartoon characters that you see trapped inside of giant ice cubes. Yeah it was as ridiculous in my mind as it is writing about it right now. But we did it anyway! Dan carried Taylor out to the water and they played around with the idea of getting in for a little bit. But then they just did it! And I am so thankful that they did because I go back to these pictures often.

And I am SO excited because I just booked a wedding in Missoula for next July! I can’t wait! I may even just take a little day trip while I’m there and drive the three hours to Great Falls so I can go to my most favorite pizza restaurant in the whole entire world. Fire Artisan Pizza have you heard of it? OMG! I can taste it right now! Would that be crazy of me to drive three hours for pizza? Nah I’m going to just go ahead and answer my own question, it’s not. It’s definitely not.

If this photo shoot with Dan and Taylor out in the freezing cold water of Montana doesn’t make you shiver with excitement (or the fact that you can actually feel the cold coming off of them) then I don’t know what will! Enjoy!

Unique Engagement Photos
Unique Engagement Photos
Unique Engagement Photos

Click here to get in touch with me to book your own unique engagement photos! After all, this is the beginning of your love story together! You should absolutely tell your story unique to you and your relationship. You can also see another unique engagement session I did here when it was snowy on the beach!


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