Las Vegas Engagement Session


Las Vegas Engagement Photographer

This Las Vegas Engagement Session in Red Rock Canyon….that’s all I have to say. No location is too far for me to come photograph your wedding and engagement session. I’m based out of beautiful Ocean Shores, Washington but I LOVE to travel. So if you’re getting married in Las Vegas, California, New York, wherever it may be and you love my photography style, then let’s talk and get your wedding booked!

Casey and Mike have a special tie to Las Vegas so it was only natural to walk around together in the older part of Vegas and then head up to Red Spring Picnic Area, just outside of Red Rock Canyon. So many beautiful photo locations all around Las Vegas and I love every opportunity I get to go back there. My family and I lived in Las Vegas for about two years so I know the area fairly well and am actually heading back there tomorrow as I write this for a wedding reception that was rescheduled time and time again due to Covid. Thankfully we’re moving on from that and this lovely couple can have their big wedding party!

But for now check out this love story here between Casey and Mike as it unfolds in this Las Vegas Engagement Session.

Las Vegas Engagement Session
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer
Las Vegas Engagement Session
Las Vegas Wedding Photography
Las Vegas Engagement Photography
Las Vegas Engagement Photography
Las Vegas Engaged

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