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Olympia Boudoir Sessions

An Olympia Boudoir session is such a beautiful way to reconnect with yourself and just feel sexy again! You don’t have to have a reason other than you want to! Give yourself the opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of those who love you. And what’s even more amazing is that you not only start to see it but you start to feel it too. You start to embrace those things that you consider “flaws” and you realize that those things contribute to your beauty, your worth, and your story. They are proof that you have lived, that you have accomplished things, and that there is a reason behind why you are here. So take it all in!

If you’re looking for boudoir photos…

Here’s a few ways we can work together. My studio is located in Aberdeen, Wa but I have some events going on that I don’t want you to miss out on! So take a look below and if you feel inclined to grab a spot just click the link and it will take you to the appropriate booking page!

One spot left for Las Vegas boudoir photos

Want a luxury boudoir session at a hotel suite in Las Vegas complete with professional hair & makeup and all of the edited digital images from your session? Just come meet me in Vegas and we can make this happen for you! Saturday May 21st I have one spot left at 10:00am. You can book it here.

The Women’s Empowerment Event Encore

A few months ago we did our first women’s empowerment event and it was incredible. So incredible that I decided to host another one on Saturday June 4th. There are still about 7 spots left for this event and if you are interested or want more details check them out here.

Water Boudoir Sessions

My water boudoir sessions are back again! I was waiting to open up my calendar for these once the weather got warmer and the water level got lower! Located at a secret location in Elma, you can check out details here for these one of a kind boudoir sessions.

Special Maternity Olympia Boudoir Session

If you’re expecting a baby then this is for you! I’m offering nude maternity boudoir sessions on a single backdrop at my studio. You also have the opportunity to wear my maternity gown. Professional hair & makeup is not included but can be added if you wish. These sessions can be scheduled for any time I have availability. Just grab a session here and then I’ll be in touch to schedule the right day and time for you.

Schedule an Olympia boudoir session with me any time

I have a few different experience options for you depending on what you want for your boudoir session. As well as an option to go fully nude for your session or doing a session with your partner! You can grab my investment guide here to see which option might work for you AND go right to my booking page to schedule your date!

I hope there was something in that list that works for you! I can’t wait to work together. If you do want to view more of my boudoir work please head over to my website at www.ambercarlphotography.com/boudoir This will show you some of my recent work and some other things I’m working on!

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Imagine, you walk into my studio (located in Aberdeen, Wa) completely freaked out.  I mean, even though we've been talking and I've been preparing you this isn't something you've ever done before!
So you sit down in my stylist's chair as she starts to go over hair and makeup looks with you.  As she begins you start to feel at ease.  We decide which outfit you're going to start with and start posing!  The music is playing and soon the camera falls away, you're just feeling it!  I show you a few shots on the back of my camera and you're floored!  That's me?!  But you say it in a way as if that confidence has always been there, we just needed to pull it out of you.
That is why I do what I do!  To watch you transform from unsure into the powerful, amazing, confident woman that you are!  You just needed a little boost.  And I'm here to give that to you.

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