Las Vegas Desert Boudoir


Las Vegas Desert Boudoir

A Las Vegas Desert Boudoir Session? Yes please. I mean, what do you think about when you think of boudoir photos? Sexy? Steamy? Hot? Maybe sweaty lol! All of these things happen during a boudoir session in the Las Vegas desert. I mean how could it not? When you take a hot lady or couple and put them up against this incredible backdrop, what else would happen?

I was headed to Las Vegas this past weekend to do a couples boudoir session in a hotel suite on the Las Vegas strip. Yes I was shocked too! A Las Vegas couple paid me to fly there and photograph their relationship in a sexy, steamy way and it ROCKED! I love my job, have I mentioned that lately? If not just know that I do! Being able to tell the stories of gorgeous women and incredible couples and giving them the opportunity to draw closer to each other not only in a sexual way but an emotional way as well is truly my dream! Showing women and couples that they are more than the bodies they see on the outside, so much more! And to celebrate the bodies they are in. It’s really some incredible work and I’m so happy I get to be one of the people who gets to do it!

SO happy that in fact over the past few weeks or so I’ve been considering something. I’ve seen a lot of posts and I’ve actually had some inquiries from men wanting to do a boudoir session. I fully 100 percent believe that men need to feel seen in their bodies as well and embrace and appreciate them. They are worthy of telling their story in this way too! My problem was however, I don’t know how to photograph men adequately in a boudoir setting. So I’m going to be educating myself and practicing on willing models so that I can make photographing men’s boudoir something that I offer! So stay tuned for that!

But now back to Heather’s sexy Las Vegas desert boudoir session! Heather and I actually live in the same city, our kids go to the same school. But when I booked the couples boudoir session over in Las Vegas I offered up the opportunity for others to book a session with me as well. Heather jumped on it as she found out she’d be in Vegas with her husband anyway at the same time so she figured WHY NOT! What a great opportunity that happened to line up! I also booked another boudoir session out in Vegas with a woman who I had photographed before back in my studio in Aberdeen. Michelle met me in Vegas and we did a boudoir session in a Vegas hotel suite. It was amazing!

Heather and her husband and I met at Red Springs in Las Vegas and headed back into the Red Rocks. Once we got back there it all started! We had so much fun putting this together and I must say I wish every woman’s man could come with her on a solo boudoir session and be just like Heather’s husband! He was seriously her hype girl the entire time letting her know how great she looked, how sexy she was, how awesome her face looked, and how excited he was to see the final photos!

We also got a little visit from a surprise guest. A hummingbird flew right up to Heather’s face and just stayed there and photobombed for a second. It was perfect! We also had a man start walking up towards where Heather was while she was changing. I stopped him and said hold on just one second there’s a half naked lady up there. We laughed it off and I think he was a little embarrassed but we didn’t care because we’ll probably never see him again anyway.

So enjoy this gorgeous session with Heather and please let me know what you think! Isn’t she gorgeous against all that red?

If you’re interested in a boudoir session or a couples boudoir session you can check out my website at or just shoot me an email at ambercarlphotography

Interested in a Las Vegas boudoir session of your own whether in the desert or in a hotel suite? Stay tuned and I’ll have Michelle’s boudoir session from this past weekend in Vegas up next!

For now, enjoy Heather and her hummingbird friend!!

Las Vegas Desert Boudoir
Las Vegas Desert Boudoir
Las Vegas Desert Boudoir
Las Vegas Desert Boudoir
Las Vegas Desert Boudoir



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