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why boudoir

Why boudoir? I’m not one of those photographers who is going to tell you that I picked up a camera before I could walk and instantly fell in love. No, in fact I didn’t pick up a camera and fall in love until after my children were born. My husband and I knew we wanted to have kids so we invested in a nice camera so we could get some good photos of our children growing up. And the camera we got did just that but nothing professional at all yet because I didn’t fully know how to use it.

Flash forward to 2009 when our daughter was about one year old. I took the camera outside and started really focusing in on some things that I wanted to photograph. So I continued to take photos of my kids playing during the day and it became a thing to where I had to plan something with them outside so I would have photos of them to edit at night after they went to bed. It was such a wonderful way for me to unwind being a stay at home mom.

I eventually told myself that maybe I could do something more with my passion so I sat down and read my camera manual from cover to cover. I studied what it said and put it to use. I googled the things I needed to learn and taught myself through practice and trial and error. I practiced on families who would let me and only charged a tiny bit of money for my time. From about 2009 to about 2019 I photographed weddings, families, seniors, maternity, and some boudoir here and there. Really anything that could get me out there taking pictures and making a living doing it. But it was hard. There’s a photographer on every corner and my family and I were moving around a lot so it seemed wherever we went people already had their photographer and didn’t want to branch out. So it was a struggle for a while and I actually quit photography a few times over the years.

But then we moved back to the Pacific Northwest from Las Vegas this time where I had really started to dive into boudoir. Boudoir sessions in Vegas were always fun because I’d always reserve a hotel room on the strip and make an evening of it! So when we moved back to Washington I continued photographing families and weddings but it just seemed like everything for boudoir was falling into place. I found a space for a studio, built a women’s Facebook group geared towards boudoir, and started photographing boudoir mainly.

It wasn’t until just recently that I decided to exclusively photograph boudoir only. I won’t be taking on any new clients for families or weddings and I am now Amber Carl Boudoir Photographer and I love it.

But why boudoir? I absolutely love the transformation. No, not the physical transformation where you come into the studio with no makeup on and then you have your hair and makeup done and look all gorgeous. You were gorgeous to begin with. I love the hair and makeup aspect of what I do though because it helps put you at ease before your session and allows you to feel comfortable enough to let your confidence shine through. But that’s not the transformation I’m talking about. The one I’m talking about is the woman who books a boudoir session so she can start to see what all of her friends are talking about. She can start to feel the compliments she receives. And she can actually see herself through the eyes of those who love her. She wants to find her sexy again and she wants to get her confidence back. So she walks into the studio unsure and apprehensive. But she leaves after that photo session with a newfound love for herself and she’s walking on air for the rest of the week. That’s the transformation I’m talking about and that’s why I do what I do. I want to instill in ladies that they are beautiful right now. That those things they consider flaws are make them who they are. And that they never lost their sexy, we just had to pull it back out.

I love boudoir for so many reasons and love the women and couples that I get to photograph. Hearing your story and your why behind doing a boudoir session with me is so beautiful and I’ll continue to help you tell the beautiful story of your body as long as you’ll let me.

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That is why I do what I do!  To watch you transform from unsure into the powerful, amazing, confident woman that you are!  You just needed a little boost.  And I'm here to give that to you.

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