Grays Harbor Boudoir Studio


Grays Harbor Boudoir Studio

I know what you’re thinking, Grays Harbor Boudoir Studio? But it’s true! There’s a beautiful boudoir studio in the heart of Aberdeen, Wa and you’re definitely going to want to check it out. I am lucky enough to call this my studio space and I have photographed so many amazingly beautiful women here!

One of those amazingly beautiful women was Jewell. I’ve known Jewell for a while so it was really fun photographing her in my new space!

Over the next few months I’ll be showcasing sessions from my beautiful Grays Harbor Boudoir Studio and letting you in on a front row seat to a session with me. If you’d like to see a little bit of the behind the scenes and what goes into a boudoir session check out this video that shows you what me and my hair and makeup artist are all about!

See?! Isn’t that studio gorgeous? We can offer so many different sets in this one space. And here’s how it will happen.

You book a shoot with me and I send you your invoice and contract. Leading up to your shoot you’ll receive a questionnaire so that both you and I can really prepare for your session. You’ll also receive emails from me letting you know what to expect, giving you ideas on what to wear, as well as what you’re thinking for hair and makeup.

When you arrive for your session you’ll be greeted by me and Kennedy my incredible hair and makeup artist. She’s so helpful if you’re not sure what look you want to go with and she can look at you and suggest the perfect look! We don’t do hair and makeup to make you prettier. You’re already beautiful and it’s not something you NEED to look better in your photos or anything like that. We feel that about 99% of the women who come in for a boudoir session with us are super nervous. Sitting in Kennedy’s chair and chatting with her while she does your hair and makeup is such a huge stress reliever. It really helps put you at ease and make you feel more comfortable. So many people say that having their hair and makeup done is therapeutic and we want that for you before your session. When you feel good about yourself it’s going to shine through in your photos. Our job is to help you feel great!

We then take a look at the outfits you brought or we can go through my client closet which I have available to you if you don’t want to purchase your own boudoir outfits. We decide together what outfit you’ll start with and the flow from there on. Then you change into your first outfit and the rest is magic! We have so much fun during a boudoir session. You can expect to dance around, fling your hair, arch your back like crazy (stretching beforehand is probably a good idea) and just having an all around great time as the music is playing in the background. I’ll give you light posing direction from your head to your toes so you don’t have to worry about what pose to do next. I’ve got you!

After your session if you agreed to having your images shared in my private women’s only Facebook group then I’ll post a sneak peek or two in there not only for you to see but for the group to tell you how gorgeous you are too!

You can then expect your online gallery of images emailed to you within a week after your session. If you’re order prints or products then those typically take about two weeks to get to you from the date you approve the order. If you’re just going with digital images then those are delivered to you as soon as you choose the ones you want!

And speaking of my private women’s only Facebook group you won’t want to miss this news. Currently we have a little over 3,000 members in there! I know I can’t believe it either. Once we get to 4,000 I’m doing a massive giveaway and you could win a luxury boudoir session at this beautiful Grays Harbor Boudoir Studio with me! If you’d like to join the group come check us out right here Confident Women of PNW

Hopefully I’ll be launching the giveaway this Friday!

Take a look at this beautiful session with Jewell and get a feel for this amazing Grays Harbor Boudoir Studio. I’d love to work with you too so if you are interested in a boudoir session please feel free to email or visit

I can’t wait to talk with you soon!

Grays Harbor Boudoir Studio
Grays Harbor Boudoir Studio
Grays Harbor Boudoir Studio



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