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I fell in love with photography in 2006 when my son was born. I continued to photograph my kids when our daughter joined us and although that doesn't line up with my business at all today, it's definitely what helped me get here. I quickly learned that I loved photographing people, I felt that there was so much you could learn about a person through a single photograph. Amber Carl Photography came to be because I truly believe that every person has a story and they deserve to preserve that story forever. I'm here to get to know the real you so that I can portray you and tell the honest story of who you are right in this very moment.  After all, your body tells such a beautiful story.  Let's celebrate it together!
My studio is located in Aberdeen, Wa and I work with an exclusive hair and makeup artist for every boudoir session!

I believe in the real, the raw, and the emotional.  In the kinds of photos that remind you of the joy that can be found in the simplest of moments. I believe in images that are itching to be printed, placed in beautiful frames and hung on walls for years to come.  And doing this every year so you can look back through your life and see how you have grown and changed.  And I believe in not only being your photographer, but coming along with you in this wild ride of life.  

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"Amber makes you feel so comfortable. The way she captures you is a side of yourself you've never seen but always needed to."

Whether it's an individual boudoir session just for you or a couples boudoir session to reconnect with your partner on a deeper level, this is what I'm all about.  My studio is located in Aberdeen, Wa and I work directly with my exclusive hair and makeup artist.  Her services are included in every boudoir package I offer at the studio.

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In studio boudoir

Only offered in the summer months because of where we live, I offer beautiful water boudoir sessions at a location in Elma, Wa.  There's just something amazing about getting half naked in nature!
I also offer a Boudoir by the Sea package which gives you professional hair & makeup, a 45 minute in studio session, and then an hour session out on the beach in Ocean Shores.

ways to work together

Water Boudoir

Come together with like minded women to lift one another up and encourage each other.  These events are hosted at my studio in Aberdeen once ever few months.  Come join my exclusive women's only Facebook group to stay up to date on when these events happen.  Confident Women of PNW.

ways to work together

Women's Empowerment

Can a boudoir session really change your life?
One thing it can do for sure is set you in the direction of a self love journey that you never thought possible.

I know how you feel, I've been there.  Your body is one way and then you grow a beautiful little human inside of you and although it's still beautiful it's not what you're used to.  You're having a hard time embracing the new you in this season of your life.
Or maybe you went through something incredibly painful like a divorce or loss of a friend.  Things like this can transform us and sometimes in these situations it's incredibly difficult to put ourselves first.

Women come into my studio and leave transformed from the inside out.  It's not the hair and makeup or the lingerie, although those things help you FEEL amazing.  What really starts to change over the course of your boudoir session with me is how YOU see yourself.
I'll show you images on the back of my camera throughout your shoot and you'll feel this feeling that you maybe have never felt before.  Embrace it babe, it's self love!  And you're so deserving of it!
Start to see yourself through the eyes of those who love you.  Start to believe the wonderful compliments that your partner and friends tell you every day.  
Start to see you for you and appreciate all the little things that make up your beautiful body!
Because after all, your body tells a story.  Let's make sure it's one you never want to put down.

That my friend is the why behind why I do what I do.  I love seeing that transformation and watching women get to that place of self love through something I provided for them.
If you want to lift other women up and encourage them and in turn feel encouragement yourself then come check out my private Facebook group for women only Confident Women of PNW.  We support each other each and every day and have fun while doing it!

So let me be your hype girl!  Let me show you that you truly are beautiful, amazing, inspiring, smart, confident, and worthy RIGHT NOW!  Don't let another second go by, let's get your beautiful boudoir session on the calendar right now!

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